faceted peridot necklace gold – connie and vi

baby jube. faceted peridot necklace gold


faceted oval peridot

18ct gold plated silver


the oval amethyst measures approx 8mm.

the necklace features a 2 mm thick 18 inch chain.


connie and vi use bespoke cut and calibrated natural semi-precious or precious gem stones. Each stone selected has its own quality. Variations in colour or composition may occur, these add character that enhances your jewellery making your piece unique.

a little more knowledge

peridot has long been associated with light.  the egyptians called it the “gem of the sun.” they believed that it protected its owner from terrors of the night.yeah, they know who they are. it was also strung  on donkey hair and tied around the left arm to ward off evil spirits.or you could do it our way.


traditional birthstone of august


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