care guide – connie and vi

care guide

connie and vi jewellery can last a long time if looked after and handled with care. The following guidelines will make sure your piece can be enjoyed into the future.

Your piece should not be immersed in water and should be kept away from chlorine, bleach, salt water, vinegar, ammonia, hand sanitizer, and other such liquids.

When dressing please put your jewellery on last, after applying makeup, perfume, hairspray and lotions.

We recommend you remove your jewellery when washing your hands or applying hand sanitizer and lotion, making sure your skin is dry before handling your piece.

When storing your jewellery, please keep in dry, soft storage such as a jewellery box, spaced to protect it from other objects that may scratch its surface.

Please avoid over exposure to direct sunlight, as it may affect the colour of stones.

After wear use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your jewellery pieces.